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Your support is greatly appreciated ...


With your help we can continue to provide a warm and safe environment for those in our community to meet and get to know one another.  Here's how you can help:

1.  PRAY FOR US - we would love your prayers for the safety of all those who come to Connections Cafe - whether those who want to make connections or those who volunteer.

2.  VOLUNTEER - check out the "Get Involved" tab for all the exciting ways that you can volunteer!

3.  TELL OTHERS - Do you know others who are looking for community?  Encourage them to come OR bring them along with you for lunch!


4.  HELP US COOK - Do you know people who would love to learn some new cooking skills?  Do you love to cook?  Come join us - share your skills and make some delicious recipes!

5. BUSINESS PARTICIPATION -  Do you know local businesses that would be interested in becoming a community partner with us?  Let us know by contacting us!​

6.  PAY IT FORWARD - Have you ever had your order paid for you by the car ahead of you in a drive-thru?  How great was that?  Consider donating so that we can continue Connections Cafe.  Connections Cafe is self-funded and we provide meals at no charge.  If you are interested, you can donate directly at the Connections Cafe on Thursdays or hit the "Donate" button below (please tag donations for "Connections Cafe" under the heading "Fund - Benevolence - write a private message").


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