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If you are interested in being part of this wonderful community as a volunteer, then this page is for you!   By lending your support, you’ll become a valuable part of our volunteer team and help to strengthen our operations.  You can help make a difference!  Contact us to let us know where you might fit in, we would love to hear from you!


Perfect for someone who loves to get good deals and shop.   A list of items required will be provided by Tuesday evening for you to purchase and bring to the church by 9:00am on Thursday mornings.   

Time required – variable, shop Wednesday or early Thursday morning and drop off at church Thursday by 9:00am


Perfect for someone who would love to make the cafe look like a cafe – within a limited budget.  What does Forest Brook have that we can use?  What are some “basic multi-use items” that we can purchase that can be used many times?

Time required – Variable, day of cafe – 9:30am - 11am

Cafe Setup

Set up tables and chairs.  Extra physical strength required.

Time required – day of cafe - from 9:30am – 10:00’ish (depends on number of participants)

Kitchen Helpers

Do you like to peel, chop, follow recipes and learn new skills – with guidance?  Then this is for you.  Qualifications - all skill levels accepted with a willingness to learn.

Time required – day of cafe from 10 am– 12pm


Are you able to pick someone up, enjoy lunch and take them home again?  Drivers licence, auto insurance & vehicle required.

Time required – day of cafe from 11am - 1pm (includes time to enjoy lunch)

Servers/Care Helpers

Are you friendly and would love to serve our community by assisting in serving the meal and then helping with cafe cleaning up?

Time required – day of cafe from 11am – 1’ish (includes time to enjoy lunch)

Recipe Lead of the Day

Do you like to cook and would be willing to lead others in cooking too?  Suggest recipes that you love (and that you’ve made before – tried, tested and true), provide recipes to Lisa (to put into a standardized format) by the weekend before and provide a shopping list to the shopper by Tuesday evening.  Ensure health & safety guidelines are being followed in the kitchen (these will be provided to everyone who comes into the kitchen to help).  Lead/guide the recipes of the day with other volunteers - different recipe stations will be set up ie: soup, sandwich/meal, dessert.

Time required – preparation at home - 1 hour – find recipes, 2 x emails, day of café from 9:30am – 12pm (2 ½ hours – includes some time to enjoy lunch)


Do you love to talk, engage in 2-way conversation with people, actively listen and connect with people?   Then this is for you!  These people will be comfortable speaking with individuals they have not previously met and with people who attend weekly, building relationships wherever possible.  Training provided.

Time required – day of cafe from 11am – 1’ish (includes time to enjoy lunch with your table participants)

Clean-up Crew

Cleaning up after lunch in the kitchen; putting away tables & chairs.  Some physical strength is required for this.

Time required – day of cafe from

1:30– 2pm


Perfect for someone who loves to welcome people and make everyone feel comfortable.  This will often include being the first person with whom guests connect as they arrive and helping them connect with others.

Time required – day of café from 10:45am – 1:15pm (2 ½ hours – includes some time to enjoy lunch)

Prayer People

We believe in the power of prayer - if you would like to support this ministry through prayer please contact us.

Time required – day of cafe from 9:30 am– 2pm (includes time to enjoy lunch)   or at home on your own time

Card Makers

Make general cards to bless others.  Drop off at church or arrange for pick up from another volunteer.

Time required – totally flexible, make at home, as many or few as you wish, use your talents to bless others

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